从嘻哈到电音,Supreme 到OFF-WHITE,就连曾经曲高和寡的高级时装,都纷纷“放下身段”,走上街头。也让「街头文化」成为了近年最受关注的领域。

The street is to hip-hop and dance,Supreme and OFF-WHITE,even the highbrow fashion brands joined the creation of today’s phenomenal street culture

THE MIX LAND 作为一家潮流品牌集合店,囊括了AirJordan、A-COLD-WALL、AMIRI、Champion、FORCERPBLK、Heron Preston、OFF-WHITE、Palm Angels、Supreme、UNDERCOVER、YEEZY等当下最热的街头品牌。它并不局限于单纯的购物性质,更试图为热爱街头的潮流玩家提供一处相聚交流的场所。

With a curated collection of streetwear brands,THE MIX LAND is home to Air Jordan,A-COLD-WALL,AMIRI,Champion,FORCERPBLK,Heron Preston,OFF-WHITE, Palm Angels,Supreme,Undercover and YEEZY,the forefront street brands of today. Being more than a shopping destination,it is also where people like street culture meet and share their passion.


The interior space of the shop began with a lab concept,upon which the Xianxiang Design team explored ways to exploit details in the street,and to give the space a fluid quality like the ever-changing street culture itself.

先锋「实验室」丨Avant-Garde Lab


Upon entering the space,white walls and floors create a pure and aseptic environment like one experience in a lab.The contrast between white and any other colours or patterns,has guaranteed more potential for interior decoration or product display.


To continue the lab concept,the ceiling of the space kept its original industrial style,including elements of stainless steel and grid lighting. The display shelf system, art installation,mirrors and space accessories featured the same metallic material.


The mobile dressing rooms inspired by the lab air shower room and the shoe display cases inspired by sterilizing cabinets represent the lightness of street elements in the design.

我们对实验室的印象伴随着各种化学物质碰撞产生的奇异色彩,荧光也是街头文化中最常见的狗亚博元素之一。现象狗亚博团队将其穿插在 THE MIX LAND 空间中,以高饱和度的蓝色装置、随光影变幻的炫彩门窗以及电子荧幕的动态数字等方式呈现。

Our impression of labs is usually accompanied with wild colors generated from various chemical reactions – the wildest colors of all,neon is also a commonly used design element in the street culture. Xianxiang Design used neon in THE MIX LAND as highlights of the space – highly saturated neon blue installation,colorful windows and doors that create constantly changing shadows and flickering numbers on digital screens.

「艺术」的动态表达丨A dynamic expression of Art

如果说高级时装的艺术是高高在上、冷静自持,那么源自街头的艺术则诞生于生活并随时处在变化中。结合街头文化和实验室的概念,现象狗亚博团队为 THE MIX LAND 打造了“能量提取”、“冷凝”、“分解台”三个动态艺术装置,赋予空间更直观的互动体验感。

The art of high fashion is about being distant and composed,street art on the other hand,comes from the ever changing daily life. Three performing art installations,power extraction,condensation and operation desk add interactive experience to the space.


The first art installation – ‘power extraction’displays the new-in products in a metal shell, under warm yellow light. As the silver pipes extract the energy,the transparent box next to it would start to release smoke,conveying the amplification and integration of energy.


The second installation,‘condensation’is a box of blue liquids,made to modify the process of condensation. The vibrant colour resonates with other blue accessories,such as the bench,cabinet and carpet in the room,creating a holistic immersive environment.


The third installation,‘operation desk’features the decomposition concept in labs,as well as in street trends. Be it the decomposition of chemicals or other experiment materials,or the deconstruction of streetwear design,what we hope to highlight here is the process to remove the superficial while shaping a new form. The lingering mist is where inspirations and creativity continue to be born.

随处可见「街头」丨This is the Street

「实验」是一个没有束缚和边际的不断迸发创造力的过程,THE MIX LAND 的洗手间台盆狗亚博也表达了这样的观念。整块钢板折出、左右两侧没有挡水条,试图消除边界的限制。

Experiment is a boundless and lasting process for creativity,which is again reflected in the design of the sink. Shaped out of a whole piece of flat stainless steel,the sinks is an attempt to eliminate bounds and rims.

作为潮流品牌集合店,THE MIX LAND 一目了然的空间动线,自由移动的陈列装置,以街头的名义提供一种更加多元化、兼具商业和体验双重功能的选择。

As a select store for streetwear brands,THE MIX LAND is an open book – display installations can be easily re-arranged in the open space,making the space adaptive to diverse changes,taking care of both the commercial and experiential needs for the space.

除了店铺空间之外,极简白色和金属元素也延伸到了二楼的办公环境中,相对留白的空间里选用 Vitra、Avarte 和 Flos 等家具品牌的经典款式作为点睛之笔,点缀带有街头风格的鲜艳色彩插画,呈现一个与店铺呼应,明亮自由的办公空间。

Other than the shop space,the minimalist style of black, white and metal elements extends into the office on the second floor. Classic designs from Vitra, Averte and Flos,as well as vibrant street style illustrations highlight the space to create a bright and free working environment that corresponds to the shop.


项目名称:THE MIX LAND 潮牌集合店

PROJECT:The MIX LAND – Streetwear Store




Area:approx. 360㎡


Lead designer:Yuan Lijun


Design assistant:Zhu Kerun


Installation:Yuan Lijun


Construction team:Hangzhou Jiang Xing Decoration Ltd.


Photography:Wang Minjie


Building materials:Wear-resistant paint,stainless steel,glass